Practice Case 3: Performing an Evaluation

Now that your team has followed the Practice Case 3 scenario, come together to discuss what they have learned. Use the questions below to start a conversation about how your own team does evaluation, and ways in which you could improve.


  • To begin, ask a couple of participants to summarize the path that they chose in this module: either to get feedback from law enforcement, advocacy, and victim/survivors, or to measure rates of reporting and prosecution.
  • What obstacles did the you encounter in each path?
  • Did you see any correlation between the issues raised in the practice case, and those you face in your jobs?
  • What kinds of evaluations would our team be interested in pursuing?
  • What obstacles might we expect?
  • How could we tackle these obstacles?
  • What is stopping the team from moving forward on evaluating the performance of our programs?
  • What steps could our team take to begin to assess our work, or improve our current evaluation plan?